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The health technology iVita cluster is included in the analysis of European biocluster values

Life science expert Fresci has published an analysis of the value of bioclusters during the Covid-19 pandemic, which provided a detailed assessment of 25 biotechnology clusters operating across Europe. Among the evaluated bioclusters, only two participants from the Baltic States and only one of them in Lithuania.

iVita activity was observed

The maturing health technology cluster iVita, which is maturing at the Lithuanian Innovation Center, has received international attention and evaluation from a life sciences consulting company such as Fresci. The main objective of this cluster is to create, support and promote knowledge sharing, innovation, research and experimental development, networking and cooperation in health technologies and biotechnology with a focus on the public health sector and its actors.

“The evaluation of the iVita cluster in the latest European Biocluster Report signals that the LIC-maturing cluster is visible and its activities are visible internationally. The appearance of iVita on the map of Fresci bioclusters undoubtedly shows that we are moving in the right direction when maturing this cluster, and we must continue the set goals, because consistent activities are already starting to give more international attention, ”says Gytis Junevičius, LIC project manager.

Targeted action to become a cohesive, dynamic and competitive health technology cluster in Europe that interacts flexibly with the public health sector and is recognized at national and international level is bound to bear fruit. Currently, the cluster consists of 26 members, and the evaluation in the Fresci analysis shows that the activities of the cluster are also noticeable in the international space.

Additional motivation not to stop

“It is gratifying that Lithuania and the iVita cluster have been observed in the latest European biocluster analysis. This clearly shows that we are making the right decisions about cluster activities and that we have proved in our day-to-day activities that we are a significant player in the context of European clusters. Such analyzes are valuable not only in terms of knowledge, because we can see, compare and evaluate what other clusters of a similar type operating in Europe live, but it also provides new motivation to put even more energy into cluster success, ”says Diana Vertelkienė, iVita cluster manager.

The Fresci biocluster analysis assesses the key sources of cluster funding, the key actors catalyzing activities, the services offered by clusters, and other aspects related to cluster activities. The full Fresci Biocluster Report is available here.

Source: Lithuanian Innovation Center, health technology cluster iVita