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International ECOLABNET network invites SME's and RDI service providers

A fast-growing international ECOLABNET network - that unites various SME’s and RDI service providers in the Baltic Sea region.  

We would like to invite you to join in and promote yourself and your services for future collaboration! You can do that by opening your profile and filling in your services in this new digital collaboration tool (Ecolabnet DCT) here:

In order to discover the required set of expertise and facilities you can:

  • Test what kind of eco-innovator you are. EcoUserPersona test proposes you a set of services for your needs.
  • Check the service journeys for eco-innovation, to define your innovation project and relevant external expertise.
  • Use advanced search for finding the right RDI service provider.

In order to find contact information, you need to register to DCT. Registering enables you to rate the service based on your experience. This helps others to find great partners for their eco-innovation projects.

More information: