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The new BSR Cluster Manager Education started final module "Scouting for Innovation"

From August 30th to September 1st, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau) is hosting the last of in total four modules of a joint project called „Baltic Sea Region Cluster Management Education “. The program started in September 2020 and aims at identifying and fostering innovation and collaboration across various institutions of the littoral states of the Baltic Sea region. The key topic at Wildau will be the issue of “Scouting for Innovation“. 

In the last decade, the term innovation has been ubiquitously used by companies, institutions, and politics in the search for both progressive and at the same time meaningful resolutions in business, technology and society. But how can innovation be identified? How can it be successfully monitored, grasped and brought to companies and people? How can it be made tangible and best scouted?
Partner institutions from Finland, Sweden and Lithuania
These questions are addressed and discussed in the module „Scouting for Innovation“ hosted by TH Wildau in late August 2021 with cluster participants coming from countries bordering the Baltic Sea, for example Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Latvia and Germany. „Cluster Management is a highly demanding work which requires a set of good skills, ranging from strategy preparation skills to human resource management, and skills needed to implement this into an internationalization strategy. Today, there is no clear definition of the job assignment as a Cluster Manager, and therefore no defined prior education for this work category. Thus, the programme is unique in its kind in the Baltic Sea region and even on European level,“ says Triinu Varblane, International Business Developer at the Technology Centre Merinova in Finland, one of the organisers behind the education programme.

The programme Baltic Sea Region Cluster Management Education itself was launched in fall 2019 with the first two modules „Collaboration and Leadership“ and „Strategic Management and International Business Environment“ taking place in late 2020 followed by the third module „Digitalisation in Business“ in 2021. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all sessions were held remotely. The main objective of the Baltic Sea Region Cluster Management Education is to develop and pilot a one-year cross-border Cluster Manager Education with ECVET-validation (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training). The partners involved are a team of cluster organisations and universities consisting of the global learning provider Hyper Island in Sweden, the University of Vaasa in Finland, Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and TH Wildau.

The health technology cluster iVita is happy to be part of this education. "It's a great opportunity to share our experience with all participants from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, or other countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Together we share our common challenges, learn from each other, and use various digital tools for cluster management in practice, which is especially relevant during the Coronavirus pandemic," says  Diana Vertelkienė, cluster manager at iVita cluster.

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