Benefits of membership

Why it's worth being a member?
  1. Events and meetings aimed to spreading news, competencies and communication:
    • Members of cluster have opportunity to find out about good practice from other companies and apply it in their own;
    • Opportunity to initiate mutual projects and business activities, related to purchase, supply or other activities of interest;
    • Development of organisation activities process (meetings take place according to principle of rotation);
    • Consultations about confronting any daily activity problem (e.g. when releasing a new product a consultation about product labeling is needed).
  2. United participation in exhibitions, resulting in decreased expenses;
  3. Membership forms a good image for your organisation (public relations) through partnership and collaboration with other organisations;
  4. Advertisement tools for own communication;
  5. Sharing important information and collaboration between cluster members using mutual communication tools;
  6. Opportunity to generate new EU project ideas, support from experienced project promoters, easier partner approachability and reliance, forming new business ideas while communicating with each other;
  7. Joint marketing activities and costs for promoting mutually developed wellness products and services;
  8. Wellness cluster iVita is active and widely known as good practice example, this can have positive influence on getting an approval for new EU funding applications (wellness cluster iVita is represented as one of the best examples in Lithuania);
  9. Recognition and visibility of cluster in Lithuania and on international level (at the moment cluster coordinator strives to increase cluster's recognition outside Lithuania by  implementing project funded by the Baltic Sea Region “BRS Stars” financing tool “Innovation Express” programme and through other effective marketing tools);
  10. Increasing network of contacts: opportunity to use connections between clusters economy subjects in their network of connections;
  11. Opportunity to attend various workshops and seminars with smaller fees (e.g.: opportunity to organise group training with external expert, inviting other cluster members to take part in a specific seminar);
  12. Wellness cluster iVita newsletter, where you can publish your information;
  13. Various publicity increase tools for cluster while forming a good image about your organisation and mutual partnership with other companies;
  14. Time well spent while pursuing mutual aim – making community healthier.