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Impressions of Innovative technologies for wellness and fitness conference and exhibition

Impressions of Innovative technologies for wellness and fitness conference and exhibition:

28 September 2015

We were able to hear few presentations of speakers from Germany, Portugal, Spain and Lithuania. Main theme which was discussed in the conference it's how the next generation of technologies will change our life’s, how our health status could be monitored and improved using IT solutions which are simple for users but very informative for health care professionals.

All video presentations can be viewed online at internet page

Michael Graetz (EMEA Healthcare RVP, EMC Enterprise Content Division. Germany) presentation:

Dr.Julio Callea Gonzales (Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at Basque University, Spain) presentation:

Prof. Jaime Sampaio (Head of CreativeLab, The Research Center in Sports Sciences, Portugal) presentation:

Prof. Albertas Skurvydas (Rector, Lithuanian Sports University; Lithuania) presentation:

Prof. Tomas Blazauskas (Head of Programs Engineering department, Kaunas University of technology, Lithuania)

Rusne Sermuksnyte (Lithuanian Sports University, Communication department, Lithuania) presenttion:


Vlada Musvydaitė

Vydas Gedvilas

Conference view

Michael Graetz


29 September 2015

Was intended for innovative technologies for wellness and fitness technologies exhibition in shopping center PANORAMA.

iPulsus Squad 6D

iVita cluster stand

iPulsus Squad 6D

National wellness institute (NSI)


Kaunas Technology University


National wellness institute (NSI)




Sporto birža






Lithuanian Sports University


Exhibition view