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International conference Baltic Miltech Summit 2018

On 2018 November 15-16 international conference Baltic Miltech Summit 2018 will take place in Vilnius, where company "De Futuro" will represent the iPulsus Squad X new version with iPulsus team. The goal is to show soldiers how safely and effectively raise their level of physical fitness and track their location.

"De Futuro" is ambitious company that brings together health technology and sport science to innovative health monitoring products and services. Company has iPulsus branded products for heart rate monitoring: wearable HR monitors, iPulsus chest belts, and iPulsus Squad systems (2 versions). Today we presenting new product iPulsus Squad X which was created with Lithuanian health and sport scientists.  iPulsus Squad X system allows to monitor heart rate, pulse zone and persons location during physical activity. Now system is able to train big groups safely, efficiently and to ensure good physical preparation. We searching distributor for our product to start new cooperation and export.

More information you can find: or on our FB  @ipulsuslt